WMB 3D - Magazine

  • Photo Gallery
  • 2D-3D View
  • Side by Side Image View


WMB 3D is the application for iOS and Android users. This is the first 3D magazine application that is entirely photographed based. In this application, user can view the photographs of hottest celebrities, coolest toys, fastest cars and most amazing places on the planet. All the menus, thumbnails and stores are available in both 3D and 2D.  In this application, user can create their own magazine by saving their favorite images into the Favorites Folder.


  • Support 3D and 2D versions.
  • User can switch between Portrait to Landscape modes.
  • Bonus Gallery where user can view additional photos as per their choice.
  • User can create own magazine by saving images in Bonus Gallery.
  • Menus, Thumbnails, and Store are also in 3D
  • User can view two pages at a time, side-by-side.
  • User can create a folder to add images into it.

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