Web Identity

Web Identity of Verve Systems will explain how we have evolved from a small 16 people company to large 145+ peoples company. Verve have always tried to resemble like recent economic and technology trends. We launched our first website (Verve 1.0) in May 2009 with Rich Internet Application as our main focus area. After successfully gaining huge market share as offshore development center, Verve launched the 2.0 version of it’s web identity in January 2012. With this version our main focus was to attract medium to large clientele, Business Intelligence, & also focus on enterprise solution development in Microsoft & Mobile Technologies that we have achieved that with success. Even though economic and market conditions were not favourable during this period, Verve had successfully achieved all their goals including 200% growth year on year. Within this period Verve has expanded its presences in 12 Countries across 5 Continents and have global client base in more than 35 countries.

Verve 1.0 May 09-Dec 11

Our first website Verve 1.0 was launched along with the foundation of the company in May 2009 with a core focus around Rich Internet Application Service. We were able to gain business from small to large enterprise clients from Australia, Canada, UK and USA within a short time of launching Verve 1.0. We succeeded in gaining the trust of our clients which also included from Top Fortune 100 companies. This despite the challenge of a global economic slowdown.

Verve 2.0 Jan 12-Aug 14

Verve 2.0 was launched in January 2012 with core focus around BI Solutions, Enterprise application, Microsoft & Mobile Technologies. Our focus was to gain medium to large clientele across the globe. We achieved the goal with global clientele presences in 35+ countries within a short span of launching Verve 2.0. We created a strong presence in South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Norway, Sweden, USA, Canada, Israel, Bahrain and many other countries with successfully deliver 700+ projects during this period.

Verve 3.0 Sep 14-Current

The current website (Verve 3.0) launched in September 2014 focuses on showcasing our capability around various domain & technology that we have acquired as we have grown. With key focus on Cloud Services, Big Data Solutions and emerging technologies Verve targets to gain the more clientele from USA, Canada, Latin America, Australia, Europe, Africa and expand more in the Middle East. Our aim is to move from being just a software development company to Solution Consulting organization.

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