Behind every Successful Online Retailer there’s a Strong E-commerce Team


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The e-commerce sector has continued its growth in leaps and bounds over the years. With the improvement in internet connectivity the adoption of mobile devices and social media has resulted in an explosion of online shoppers. However, there is a lot of uncertainty in the e-commerce industry with the rapid technology evolution and competition. We have setup a COE for retail e-commerce, which determines the current trends and carves cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

Challenges faced while opting for e-commerce solutions

  • Compliance & Security

    Compliance and Security

  • Operatios Support

    Operations Support

  • Tools & Technology

    Tools and Technologies

  • Payments & Fraud

    Payments and Fraud

  • Core Commerce

    Core Commerce

  • Integration


We are well-versed with these challenges and believe that a successful commerce not only includes the online facility for purchasing products but also keeps a traction with any level of complexity of ever changing business. Such vision requires immense understanding of the domain and exceptional skill of dealing with the scenarios to provide the best e-commerce solution.

Our e-commerce excellence center includes following expert teams:

  • Strategy – As a globally operating company, Verve creates a strategy which involves in-depth research about market development, potential business model and effective fine-tuning of the overall strategy.
  • User Experience – A high degree of usability is built for perfect online shopping experience. Experts aim to ensure consistent quality of shopping experience to glue the user till the end.
  • Web Analytics – The analytics team tracks all the relevant data to determine the performance of shopping from the site. This helps to optimize the site accordingly and bring greater results.
  • Mobile – While the world is moving towards digital and mobile approach, it is essential for retailers to build a mobile optimized website. Any e-commerce site we build is responsive and carries similar user experience as focused on e-commerce web development.
  • Omnichannel fulfillment
  • Last Mile Delivery Solution
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Abandoned checkout recovery
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Affiliate Program
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Third Party Shipping
  • Payment Gateways / e-Wallet
  • Refunds
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Discounts/offers/Promo/Gift Voucher
  • Tax Calculator
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Help Desk
  • Catalog Management & Browsing
  • Catalog Management & Browsing
  • Catalog Management & Browsing
  • Catalog Management & Browsing
  • Catalog Management & Browsing
  • Catalog Management & Browsing
  • Catalog Management & Browsing

Verve makes the most use of its e-commerce expertise and comes up with e-commerce enabled solution serving across the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Europe. Make your first move with us today!

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