A business always pursues for higher and loyal Customer base. Lokaly has tried to address the most important aspect of the Indian Business – TRUST. The Business App of Lokaly empowers you as a Store Owner to provide best of the products and user experience to your Customers.

Online Ordering Application For Local Business

Building Stronger Bonds Between Buyers And Sellers

What is Lokaly?

Lokaly is a solution for Sellers and Buyers where Sellers can manage their khata /account and Buyers online through Lokaly Seller App. Buyers can order from their favourite stores within their vicinity through Lokaly.

How does Lokaly work for me?

Lokaly works for you in multiple way. Lokaly offers you an opportunity to create an online marketplace and/ or just manage your transaction. The way you want to use Lokaly for your business is up to you.

  • You can open a ‘Khata’ for a customer whom you have extended Credit. The credit limit can be set both on amount and period.
  • You can choose to add Items in your store or choose to import the items from our master list. You can further choose to customize or change as per your need.
  • You & your customer can keep track of all the transactions done by viewing the Khata entries.
  • Customers can open their app and chooses one or more items from your store, and places the order. You have the ability to accept or reject the order based on your store policy.

Here are Some Features

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    Navigation Simplified Navigation to the most commonly used features of the App
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    Notifications Instant access to the needed info to cater in the best manner
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    Customer View your valuable Customers at a tap and start transacting right away
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    Khata Important aspect of the relationship with your Customer, made easy
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    Log and History Key aspects of the business to track transactions within the App
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    Quick Entry Swift approach to the standard entries, throw the notebook now
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    Items Easy access to manage your offerings right at the start

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Lokaly is the App for you as a Seller to avail the maximum benefit of the Digital India movement. Using this App, you will start a journey with your trusted Buyers and create the WOW factor for them. Your business operations will surge towards a structured and simpler approach to relationship building a beat the competition. The Lokaly App will show you early returns on the investment and that is the key to digital business process today!

Also available on iPhone & Android

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