The Brand : Verve

The brand for an organization should symbolize in many ways the approach to their services, ethos, internal employee approach and their overall philosophy. We at Verve have put its definition to test by our continued perseverance to evolve our servicing model using our energy and enthusiasm to create our identity.

Verve systems logo

Verve (Vûrv) :

  • Energy and enthusiasm in the expression of ideas
  • Vitality; liveliness.

The Logo Represents :

Orange :
Orange is mentally stimulating and represents energy, enthusiasm, vibrant, happiness, creativity, determination, success, encouragement.
Blue :
Blue is calming and convey in many ways the strength, stability, resolute, dedication, determination, confidence.
Open Doors :
A closed door symbolizes a problem. The five opening doors in the logo represent not just the Software Developed by us but the solutions we provide to our customers.

Our Associated Brands

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