With globalization and growing mass issues, it has become essential to streamline government operations and processes. Verve provides transformative and innovative solutions to help governments deliver a wide range of services to their citizens and businesses on a larger scale.

We have successfully delivered large-scale eGovernance solutions in many countries. At Verve we understand the significance of information, security and Government liabilities for citizens, businesses and other governments. We capitalize on our skills and experience and over the years and taken major initiatives in the area of eGovernance offering custom solutions and services. Our eGovernance solutions ensure security, scalability, effectiveness and ease of use.

Our E-Governance solutions help governments deliver a wide range of services efficiently. We have successfully developed and deployed business intelligent solutions in councils of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom. We help Government organizations run better processes with solutions like MIS, Housing and Asset Management, Property Management, Finance and Human Resources. Our solutions have helped governments become IT enabled government, centralized the nationwide processes center and improve government processes to increase accountability.


Modernize the Government with E-Governance Solutions

Key Benefits include :

  • Quick access of information and services
  • Government processes automation
  • More secured data centers
  • Centralized data centers
  • Improved government processes
  • Increased transparency

We at Verve understand that E-government should be value-driven and not only technology-driven. Verve’s CoE framework is well managed by a comprehensive knowledgebase in the different areas of eGovernance solutions. This is also supported by best practices over years of eGovernance implementation experience. Our highly scalable and inter-operable solution provides tools to strengthen governance and make development efforts more effective by increasing efficiency and transparency in government functionality.


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