Finance & Insurance

Over the past few years, growth of banking, Financial Services and insurance (BFSI) institutions have been severely affected due to the various factors including global economic recession, copious compliance changes, cut throat competition and increased regulatory constraints among others. This has forced institutions to shut shop or consolidate/merge with other players within the industry. And through Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), partnerships, and internal growth, these institutions are striving to gain a competitive edge by diversifying the business areas and delivering more products and services. Reluctance of investors, dip in operational efficiency and following several other challenges are there to compound the crisis even further.

Financial Services Outsourcing with Mobile Banking Solutions

Expand your Financial Agility with Our BFSI Solutions

Some of the challenges faced by the sector

  • Complex global operations
  • Increased regulatory pressures
  • Rising demand for innovative customer service
  • Structural changes such as consolidation, Merger & Acquisition
  • Intense competitive pressure is forcing companies to minimize costs and maximize productivity
  • Governance & risk management
  • Churning behavior of customers

Our expertise in financial services outsourcing solutions covers major industry segments including Securities and Investments, Banking (Retail & Corporate), Credit and Payments, Insurance, Brokerage house and Accounting firms.

Our solution includes

Verve's proven expertise in this industry enable our clients to become more customer-focused, increase profitability, enhance agility, reduce costs, and address new business challenges through wide spectrum of solutions.

  • Mobile Banking Solutions.
  • Trading & Market Connectivity System
  • Customized Core and Retail Banking Software Application Development
  • Various Gateway Integrations (SMS, Payment & Others)
  • Community Banking Solution
  • Stock Market Information Dissemination System
  • Bank Payment Processing Manager
  • Wealth/Asset Management System
  • Portfolio Measurement and Analysis System
  • Corporate & Retail Banking Solution
  • Claims Processing and Management Solutions
  • CC Payment Processing Application Suite
  • Financial Planning/Insurance Management & Compliance Solutions
  • Custom Agency Management Software for DSA’s including CRM on both Open Source and .Net
  • Address Verification/Fraud Verification System
  • Consumer Lending Solution
  • Credit/ Operational Risk Management Solution
  • Banking Messaging System for Inter Branch and Inter Bank Payment Settlement integrated with ACH (Automatic Clearing House) and RTGS Systems

Our integrated applications and services are designed to help our BFSI clients meet their most pressing business and technology needs and help them in achieving enhanced operational efficiencies, minimized risk, and reduced cost of ownership. We have a highly reliable world-class infrastructure with necessary security and IPR protection mechanisms in place to ensure that our clients’ data is protected in line with the highest standards.

Our deep insights in this domain have helped our clients positively impact their results, business models and growth strategies and have made us proud solution partner of some of the worlds’ largest financial houses with operations in multiple cities/countries and continents serving huge number of customers.


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