Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud based software delivery model in which the cloud typically hosts the application and data centrally and provide services to its users using a web browser. Our SaaS services ensure following practices are in consideration during software development.

  • Global reach with capability of serving concurrent users efficiently up to its critical level
  • Implementation and use of latest technologies in order to deliver rich user experience
  • Ensure intuitiveness, stability, scalability, and robustness in delivered SaaS application development
  • Smooth upgradation from older version to newer version of solution
  • Compatibility checks across widely used browsers with easy to use interface
SaaS Application Development Solution

Your Requirement - Our Expertise:Complete SaaS Solution

Our SaaS application development solution covers variety of industries that we have covered so far

  • E-Commerce Solutions (Generic, for many industries)
  • Facility Management System (Facility Management Industry)
  • Project Management System (IT Industry)
  • Document Management System (Print & Media Industry, Law & Accountings)
  • Content Management System (Generic, for many industries)

Additional SaaS services benefits available from Verve

  • Software is hosted externally by a vendor
  • Hosted on the Cloud
  • Accessible via a browser over an internet connection
  • SaaS is the pay-as-you-go model provides flexibility.
  • Scalable architecture, changing your usage plan is easy. Adding more database space or more compute power as usage increases.
  • SaaS is Cost Saver as vendor maintains the servers and infrastructure that support the application, as well as on-going costs like maintenance and upgrades.
  • Highly secured access to developed solution to a large customer base
  • Knowledge of building scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) application development on popular cloud infrastructures such as Amazon AWS, Windows Azure, Linode and Rackspace.
  • Flexibility to clients to increase the size of the target market
  • Rapid development and enhancement of products
  • Overall low cost of solution development
  • Better and Instant Scalability with faster development of dynamic products
  • Minimal Management Overheads since inception of concept to its implementation

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