Media & Entertainment

The Media & Entertainment industry is constantly going under transformation for last several years. With ever increasing numbers of multiple variety of infotainment delivery channels, each driven by more demanding consumers having different characteristics, rapidly changing market requirements and stiffer competition from emerging players, the media and entertainment companies are in dire need of technological solutions to cross-leverage their assets, enable innovative business process , and enhance the transparency of revenue streams.

Verve Systems, powered by its rich expertise in providing custom developed solutions in this domain, completely understand the changing and specific requirements of the Media and Entertainment enterprises and have offered the services with specific focus on Music, Video, Films/Animations, ISVs, Business information Services , Broadcasting and other Media & entertainment companies.

Media & Entertainment Industry

Change the Way of Digital Media and Entertainment

Some of the solutions being offered by us are as follows :

  • Media Portals (Audio and Video Streaming)
  • Media Intellectual Property Management
  • Content Management Systems
  • Content Creation Services.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Mobile Media Solutions.
  • Campaign Management Solutions
  • Media Analysis and Reporting
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Online Gaming
  • User Experience Designs
  • Media Streaming
  • Web 2.0 Communities
  • Podcasting and RSS feed solutions
  • IP, Mobile and Web TV solutions
  • Interactive Portals
  • Digital Supply Chain & Content Monetization solutions.

We help our clients focus on their creativity while benefiting from cutting-edge tools and services that meet the challenge of creative excellence in a shorter time to market. We understand that their content may require intensive digital production and collaboration across teams that can be distributed around the globe and we take pride in serving them by providing secure networked workflow solutions that enable them to share, manage and improve production processes in a very highly efficient manner.

The increasing use of Internet and mobile services has forced the industry to not only move towards digitization of services, products and distribution channels but also put them under pressure to reduce costs and come up with innovative and differentiated offerings. The recent success of various online media and entertainment delivery channels has forced the industry players to re-strategize the whole digitization of the contents.

Working with us allows you to concentrate on your core strengths while we take care of your entire technological needs and passing on advantages such as:

  • Rapid and cost-effective development cycle
  • Enable new customer revenue streams
  • Reduce compliance and deployment risks
  • Comprehensive suite of services
  • Reduce operational expenditures and improve efficiencies.

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