Global Delivery Model

In order to ensure the smooth delivery of outsourced projects, it is essential to be highly adaptable and efficient while defining the model. Working from an offshore location throw a lot of challenges and hence a need to devise a flexible and transparent Offshore Outsourcing Delivery model.

With the changing economic scenario and dynamics of the business it is critical to develop an Offshore Delivery Model to offer the real benefits of offshore with highest level of RoI. Verve has devised the true offshore delivery model to offer these benefits to its clients.

We understand the need of a business to have dynamic Go-to-market strategy to be ahead of the competition. Verve’s delivery model encapsulates the very basic essence of being successful – Time to respond to a business needs and this ensures your product is delivered on time, within cost and at with desired quality. From start-up firms to larger enterprise, from simple projects to complex project, from customized solutions to product development, from a small contract term to year-long contracts, our delivery model ensures the flexibility and transparency to reduce your risk of outsourcing and provide long term benefits.

Global Delivery Model

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Offshore Delivery Model

Here, the entire project execution right from initialization to final delivery and support is done from our offshore facility. Key point of contacts with roles and responsibility is defined for individuals in the team. The Delivery Manager and Project Manager closely interacts with the team and the client to ensure seamless communication and clarity on the requirement. The model is beneficial for customers looking at

  • quick-ramp-up-resources-icon Quick ramp-up of Resources
  • reduced-cost-advantages-icon Reduced Cost Advantage
  • clock-icon Round the Clock Development with the time-difference
  • reduced-overall-risk-icon Reduced Overall Risk

Offshore-Onsite Model

The Offshore-Onsite Model is a mix of the best practices of both onsite and offshore development model. Here one or more resources from the offshore team are deployed at the onsite location of the client and works as the point of contact to interface with the offshore team and the client. The onsite team member can be deployed either for the entire project duration of key phases of the project like requirement analysis or final implementation or any other key phase as identified jointly by the client and Verve for the project. The model works on the concept of managing risk pertaining to certain project for some or all of the phases in software development life cycle which been envisaged to be a high risk proposition to be done in pure offshore model. The availability of onsite team ensures that the client has access to the technical team within their premises whereas the offshore team ensures the costs are under control by ensuring most of the development are done from offshore location thus maximizes the efficiency of the project developed.

Onsite Model

The onsite development model entails the entire development team to work from an Onsite client’s location either for the entire project duration of key phases of the project. The onsite delivery model employed by Verve, skilled resources are deployed on the client’s premises. Verve’s onsite model has the flexibility to allow our team to work with Client’s own development team from their own location thereby increasing the efficiency. However, onsite model will also means higher cost as compared to the offshore model.

Offshore Development Center

An ODC stands for an Offshore Dedicated Development Centre which is typically an extension of the client’s team at offshore centers located at different locations in the world. Typically an offshore development centre may belong to a client or could be maintained by an offshore development organization which has proven capabilities in the following critical aspects of an ODC

  • Team Size needed for execution.
  • Team availability in relevant time-zones.
  • Team Skills in terms of domain expertise, technical expertise needed.
  • Relevant Communication Infrastructure for seamless communication.

An Offshore Dedicated Development Center provides clients with long-term gains from offshore outsourcing. A jointly identify teams allows the clients full transparency, access and control on the team to ensure they can allocate, get status, do changes at short notices. Dedicated Development Team even though working at an offshore location of Verve, operates as an extension of Customer’s Development Centre. Dedicated Teams are better utilized in case of large on-going projects, product development, product enhancement and support, product re-engineering and maintenance etc.


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