Issue #7, October 2014
Verve 3.0
Verve has launched their new version 3.0 in September 2014 using Content Management System (CMS). Our focus is to move away from a software development company to solution consulting organization.
Flash Purchase
Its unique reverse auction application for people where they can buy or sell their products using CakePHP framework.
Industry/Service highlight
Development of cross platform apps for mobile devices is not a new concept yet the powerful Xamarin SDK makes it a whole new experience for all platforms i.e. iOS, Android & Windows Phone, with its great ability to allow seamless Installation, Configuration & build generations . Developers can write the business logic in PCLs (Portable Class Libraries) which can be shared among platforms. Apart from the support for Java Library, the biggest advantage of Xamarin is its ability to enable developers to write cross platform apps using C#, which has always been Verve’s core strength i.e. (Microsoft Tech based CoE). We have taken huge leap in this domain and rolled out several apps with features.
Software as a Service
SaaS is a software delivery method that allows centrally hosted data to be accessed at any point of time from anywhere, on subscription basis. This “On-demand software” model has become phenomenon and Verve has excelled in SaaS based solutions development for clients across the globe. Our SaaS solutions team have recently delivered solutions such as Document Management System, Employee Management System, Report Builder, Reservation & Scheduling apps using technologies like PHP, .Net, DNN, MS CRM and deployed it on popular cloud infrastructures such as Amazon AWS, GCS, Windows Azure, Linode and Rackspace.
‘Change is the only constant’, this phrase is most relevant to Software development Industry. The advent of iOS8/SWIFT being considered as the biggest change in the history of Apple iOS wherein over 4000 APIs apart from plethora of features & refinements have been introduced for developers to enhance their apps. Verve has stood firm to this challenge by virtue of having a highly capable iOS development team who has already started rolling out apps (Healthcare, Finance, Utility, Travel, SN & Enterprise apps) using SWIFT for iOS8 and iPhone6/6+, In addition to laying support to existing apps for its required upgradations & enhancements for all relevant categories.
The Top Advantages of Ruby on Rails for Web Development
It’s safe to say that Ruby on Rails is being increasingly preferred for web development by various companies. But can we regard Ruby on Rails (ROR) to be a legitimate choice for developing web applications? Here is what sets Ruby on Rails apart from the rest of the competition.
Trends of Mobile Gaming Industry in Future
The mobile gaming industry is growing quickly and the nature of mobile games has been challenging to say the least. Latest mobile gaming market insights reveal that the competition between vendors has risen drastically over the last year. Gaming publishers are trying their very best to offer mobile games which have huge retention power, easy game accessibility across the ages, infectious charm and consistent playability at all levels.
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