Issue #5, March 2014
Technology Spotlight - HTML5
HTML5, the latest version of HTML, is a highly popular development technology nowadays. It has a good set of tools to develop intuitive applications for Mobile and Web Platforms. Being supported by all the latest browsers, HTML5 provides wide range of elements to develop interactive applications with features such as rich UI, animation support, video & audio support, offline data storage facility, drag & drop, rendering 2D and 3D objects, etc. It has provided a device-independent platform to develop games and mobile apps easily.

Verve has created an excellent expertise in this technology and has recently developed some state-of-the-art web applications, games and mobile apps using this technology.
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Project Launch: RCE
River Cruise Experts (RCE) website has been developed according to the latest trend followed in this industry. RCE Website is developed in ASP.NET Framework and MS SQL database. The website has rich CMS where the business owner can manage details of Destination, Cruise Line, Port, Ship, Stateroom, and Route. The website also gives the facility of managing content, Banner, Users, and Offers.

The website was built with aim of being optimized for various search engines. Business Owner can also manage the SEO parameters such as metadata, page title and URL for various web pages. One of the most important and challenging feature while developing the website was to integrate Revelex, which is a third party service providing the cruise tour feeds (Cruise Line, Ship, Stateroom, Port, Itineraries) in specific format. Verve has implemented a console application to process Revelex feeds and created a scheduler which executes the import process daily. During the import process the application will associate each itinerary with specific route, cruise line and destination as per the business rules.


Vervesys Norway
First office in Scandinavia
Verve is proud to announce that we have started our office at Finnås, Norway this year. The main idea behind having this office in place was to be able to better serve our customers in Norway. We had started working in Norway in May 2013 and realized that it was extremely important to be onsite to understand their specific needs and to address their concerns by being available in near vicinity. This office also allows us to easily reach many of our other clients in Scandinavia.

This is the first office in Scandinavia for Verve Systems and we have ensured that we put every brick of this initiative very carefully. This new office is led by Mr. Eyvind Tveita as the CEO of Verve Systems Norway AS, who takes care of all the communications, operations, servicing and making strategic decisions for Verve Norway with support of the board. With this initiative, Verve has become a truly global company and has plans to expand in other markets soon too. This presence also compliments our proven unique onsite-offshore optimal model and helps us in executing projects with much ease and increased efficiency.
Enterprise Solutions


Service Highlight: Enterprise Solutions
Enterprise Solutions empower an organization’s business processes through secured, efficient and quality data interoperability. Such solutions have now taken a big leap through integration of enterprise mobility and social platforms. Verve has gained expertise in understanding, conceptualizing, designing, developing and enhancing Enterprise Solutions across various industries which provide optimization of business processes, better decision making capabilities and real-time integration of information.
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Employee Corner - "Wreck it Ralph"
Employee Few days back I saw an animated movie called "Wreck It Ralph". The movie is about an 8 bit game character called Ralph with giant colossal hands. He is part of "fix it Felix Jr." game where he is a bad guy who wrecks the building. Fixing is the aim of the game where a good guy called Felix fix the things that Ralph wrecks. Felix has got a magic hammer from his father which helps him to fix the building. Finally, on each stage Felix gets a medal which is having an emblem "Hero" on it. Probably Ralph is the best at what he does from the last 30 years. But, now he is tired of doing bad job and he wanted to be a good guy like Felix. He decides to go into another game through software glitch and manage to win a medal. Circumstances are generated in a way that made him realize that he is the most important part of his game and it is only because of him that retro game "fix it Felix Jr." is famous from the last 30 years. Felix gets medal every time because Ralph wrecks the building very well. Finally, he decided to perform his duty as bad guy and returns back to his game.

I want to relate this movie with Developer; who fix the things and Testers/Quality Analysts; who wrecks the things. Tester does the bad job and wrecks the application through different scenarios and we, the developers; fix those issues. After each release which is like a stage of a game, developers get medal for the best work that they do. But, what about the Tester? It is only because of them who does their job of being bad to application and helps developer to fix the things and get the honor. I believe it’s pretty hard at least for me to love what you do when someone (say developer) does not seem to like you at all for doing it. I wanted to tell those my tester friends that "for our software; you are bad and that's good, and you will never be good and that's not bad, there is no one would rather be, then you!" Thank you my friends and keep wrecking the things..!!
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Enterprise Gamification

Gamification is a booming terminology in the corporate world at present. Enterprise Gamification simply aims to magnetize the human psychic behavior towards desired tasks to be accomplished with fruitful results. It is a series of intended principles and processes to inspire and engage the groups, communities and individuals to strive for the best outcomes. It accelerates the growth ration of an organization. With the help of Enterprise Gamification, corporates can improve data quality, user engagement, timeliness, profit ratio and learning. It directly or indirectly boosts up human psychology to perform outstandingly and provide quality results.
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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

With the extensive usage of Mobile phones and tablets, Enterprise Mobility solution has become today’s inevitable requirement for various organizations. If you wish your organization to grow tremendously using each fraction of seconds, enterprise mobility solution is meritorious option. In the highly competitive and fast-paced world to sustain the position in the industry is very much important. Using latest innovations and technology, you can create a win-win situation for your customers and clients by implementing Enterprise Mobility solutions.
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