Technology Spotlight - Silverlight
silverlight Verve has acquired in-depth knowledge of Silverlight with its experience of developing large scale software products using Silverlight. In our work we have utilized Silverlight for not only great user experience but also for easy manipulation of data, quick communication of Presentation and Business Logic and Enabling SEO within Rich UI.
Microsoft Silverlight is a client side technology which enables rich user interactivity over the internet. It is lately gaining popularity within desktop and mobile platforms as well.
It’s capability of allowing data manipulation at presentation layer itself allows unified interaction with data thus making the system.
We recently started a new project in health care domain for a client based out in Brazil. Project will have Silverlight 5.0, C# 4.0, and SQL Server 2008 as technology stack. This project will follow MVVM architecture pattern.
This Application connects individuals (Patients) and Health Care Professionals on a paperless environment so both have access instantly to multiple levels of information, along with media news related to each user individually.
Cognitio Design

Verve launches "Cognitio Design" a SBU with focus on creating and delivering world-class packaging design services, spectacular artwork & stunning lithography at irresistible SKU-based pricing!! For details look at www.cognitiodesign.com and on Face book at www.facebook.com/cognitiodesign

Our Services are special in the field of the brand service, print media, packaging, publication and digital images processing.

Our expertise lies in brand packaging design finalization, design rectification, pre-press, lithography, artwork development, post-production support as well as graphic design for product packaging across various industries, including FMCG & Retail, Electronic Goods, Technology Tools and Equipments, Food & Beverages, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Computer Hardware & Software, Stationery Items & Fragile Products, etc.
For more info please visit our site: www.cognitiodesign.com
Employee Corner
Quantum Teleporation:
Based on this theory in 1998 a team from Caltech University were able to successfully teleport a photon. Recently an Austrian Academy of Sciences and other European organizations announced a successful quantum teleportation between two Canary Islands – at a distance over 143 km. Quantum teleportation holds promise for quantum computing.This technology may be used one day to develop quantum computer that has data transmission rates many times faster than any powerful computer today.

Karun Singh
Software Engineer

Did you know in 1993, a team of researchers at IBM ,theoretically confirmed that quantum teleportation was possible but only if the original matter was destroyed. By teleporation one means transport of an object or matter from one place to a predetermined location. Explained in layman terms it would work more like a fax machine " a duplicate of the object would be made at the receiving end, but with much greater precision than a fax machine and the original object is destroyed".
Corporate T-Shirt

The brand for an organization should symbolize in many ways the approach to their services, ethos, internal employee approach and their overall philosophy. We at Verve have put its definition to test by our continued perseverance to evolve our servicing model using our energy and enthusiasm to create our identity. Verve launched its Corporate T-shirt recently. The logo on the T-shirt is formed by combining multiple meaning of “Verve” in more than 25 different languages from across the world.

This truly represents Verve International Exposure & Global Focus.
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Blanket Distribution
14th Dec 2011
Sports at Verve
25th Jan 2012
Green Day
14th May 2012
Team Day
15th May 2012
Orange Blue Day
16th May.2012
Regional Day
17th May.2012
Project Launch: Quebec Seeks Solution
Quebec Seeks Solution www.quebec-solutions.com is a web based portal where different users (experts) can interact each other and provide solutions for their queries or questions. product
This application will have role based access for each user where they can access various features as per assigned privileges in terms of his/her role. Website will have different user types consider as Seekers, Solvers & Administrator.
This exciting project is developed in collaboration with www.symbiosys-solutions.com one of our partners and a start-up created in 2011 in Casablanca (Morocco) which studies, develops and sets up high-technological solutions adapted to companies’ needs.
Purpose of this SOLUTION LAB:
This application is initiative of Quebec International IDTEQ. This application will help various industries and individual struggling hard to find answers related to various aspects of technology, research, organization process and others. This system will have group of Qualified solvers community who would provide consulting services through this system. This system will also enable seeker save time and money for getting those answers through a easy to use online platform.
Event : 3rd Annual Day
On 18th May 2012 we celebrated completion of Verve’s 3rd successful year with grand celebration. It started with "DEEP PRAJAVALAN" by Mr Chirendu Gupta's parents and Amee's devotional dance. Mr Chirendu Gupta (Managing Director, Verve Systems) also presented an engaging journey of how we grew from 1 to 110+ people in the last 3 years; everyone at the event was happy to have better insight of company's growth. We had some amazing performances which included dance, skit, solo song, and mime by our own Vervians. Another important part of this event was appreciation of the contribution made by our own people by awarding “Best Employee”, “Pillars” and “Pat on the back” awards. Many others won trophies for their long lasting contribution to the organization in various ways including “Fun at work”, “CSR activity”, “Green Initiatives” etc. And the last was everyone's favourite “food and fun”. Every one danced on the tunes of DJ like never before.
Birth Day
Ashok D.
4 Aug
Dhrupal Patel
7 Aug
Anand Dave
18 Aug
Chirag Shah
18 Aug
Kushal Mistry
21 Aug
Prachi Desai
29 Aug
Verve Blog
Windows Mobile 7.5 Mango Updates – Developers’ Delight
Mango Upgrade offers a wide gamut of business critical capabilities to power enterprises and individuals – registering remarkable improvement on utility, productivity, responsiveness, agility, scalability and security. Apprehending stiff competition from Android and iPhone, Windows Phone 7 has taken a step further to fill-up the missing links, approaches and features in its 7.5 Mango upgrade, without messing up with the signature look of the previous version.
Building a Windows Phone Application using Silverlight
Silverlight and Windows Phone create magic in tandem, when it comes to development of graphically rich and functionally loaded business, entertainment and utility Windows Mobile applications. Microsoft’s vision is to establish it as the go-to technology for all Windows Mobile development needs.

Verve Systems is a 3 year old company providing state-of-the-art IT solutions to large and
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