Technology Spotlight - Microsoft Dynamics CRM
MS_CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM also known as Microsoft CRM, is a highly flexible Customer Relationship Management Software which is now used worldwide by small companies to large sized enterprises. MS CRM fulfills the goal of automating the Marketing, Client Servicing and Sales processes. It is built on .NET Framework.
Why you should choose Microsoft CRM?
•  Microsoft CRM is flexible enough to adapt to all business processes and relationships
•  It enables to get a relationship between the complex data and it processes by web browser, Outlook and mobile device
•  It easily integrates with Microsoft Tools such as Outlook
•  It gives full suite of CRM Functions
•  It gives freedom of choosing deployment platform
•  Users can personalize its process driven interface to suit their needs
•  Its extensive reports and dashboard gives the user an ability to derive real time business decisions.
•  It increases the efficiency and productivity by automating various business processes.
•  Third Party Applications Support & Easy integration with various Data Sources
•  Organization can maintain the customer retention rate & drive more sales from each relationship with reduction in processing costs.
•  It has highly scalable architecture.
Verve Systems has successfully catered its clients’ business needs by leveraging Microsoft CRM capabilities. Along with Microsoft CRM Consulting and Custom Solutions, Verve also has experience in:
•  Migrating data from third party CRM system to MS CRM
•  Integrating third party components in MS CRM
•  Developing custom modules in MS CRM to automate sales process
•  Developing custom reports in SSRS
•  Developing Customer Portal with MS CRM as backend
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Industry Highlight: Travel, Tourism and Hospitality
Travel and Tourism Across the world around a few billion people travel everyday, making the travel, tourism & hospitality industry as one of the largest industry in the world. Most of the travelers now are equipped with technological innovations through which they can plan or book their travels, explore maps, get weather information, book cabs, share their travel plans, experiences on social networking, book hotels and restaurants and perform many more activities.
Identifying the current growth pattern and the needs of the industry, Verve Systems has developed expertise in developing solutions for Travelers, Tour operators, Transport company owners, Hotels and Restaurants, Agencies, etc.
Our experience in this sector includes the development of applications such as:
•  A mobile application to find previously added contacts and friends while traveling without GPS location tracker. Application gets 3 key information: WHO you can meet while traveling, WHERE you can meet your friends, WHEN you can meet your friends.
•  A website dedicated to the Cruise Travelling. This interactive website help users to search the cruise, destinations & hot deals related to the travelling plans etc.
•  A mobile application for iPhone users with the purpose to find different locations such as hotels, night bars and night clubs in Map for specific geographical location.
•  Hotel and Restaurant booking system for European clients along with a UI rich website.
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Employee Corner
VANET [Vehicular ad hoc networks]
A Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET) is a derivative of Mobile Ad Hoc networks (MANET). In recent times, VANET has evolved as an interesting topic of research for wireless research community worldwide.

Basically, VANET is an inter-vehicle communication network which allows vehicles to communicate with each other and to communicate between vehicles and roadside within definite range.

Suryakant Maurya
Sr. Analyst Programmer

The main objective of VANET will be increasing safety and assisting drivers. Through this inter-vehicular networking system not only safety measures can be taken, but it will also enable drivers to have access to information of traffic jams, accident information, nearby service stations, nearby fuel stations and information related to nearby places. Researchers are aiming to achieve this by creating a mobile network between vehicles through sensors implanted in vehicles. This system is looked upon as major player in developing Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Major automotive companies and governmental bodies are making high investments nowadays to carryout researches in this sector and for brining innovations in transportations by developing VANET based systems. Using VANET, Applications such as Post Crash Notification, Road Hazard Control Notification, Cooperative collision warning, Road congestion notification, Free Parking space notification, Commercial Applications, etc. can be developed.
However in this system "frequent disconnection from the network due to high mobility" is seen as a major obstacle and as a result of this driver may not receive some crucial messages.

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Project Launch: 4eDental
4eDental is Web, iPhone and iPad based EMR application for Dentists, Front Desk, Clinical Assistant, Collection Agent, and Patients. It is a SaaS based application providing secured access on web and mobile.
This application allows stakeholders to manage the Dental Chart, Perio Chart, Treatment Documents, Appointment Request, Appointment Booking, Fees Structure, Ledgers, Insurance Coverage and Patient Records Management. In this application dentist can create progress notes, clinical notes and they can also upload the Patient Confirmation form, X-Rays and past treatment related documents of patients. In this application stakeholders can also generate different type of reports like patient records, follow up log, broken appointment, financial reports, etc.
Patients can manage self and their family profiles through iPhone or Web. Patients can also view Ledgers’ details for self and family members.
In iPad Dentist can capture screens from animated video of desired treatments while treating the patient and explain them the treatment procedure with the help of the same. Dentist can also use different color to highlight the images in the video while explaining it to Patients. Summary of the Treatment will be generated where all the information related to the Patient, Doctor, Treatments and Fees will be shown. Dentists can take signature of patient on the acceptance letter which will be uploaded by them.
Site Launch
dotnet website
Verve Systems is pleased to announce that new website - dotnet.vervesys.com, focusing on Microsoft Technologies, has been launched. This website gives you an insight of the expertise that Verve has developed in area of .NET, Sharepoint, Microsoft CRM, Silverlight, Windows Mobile and Azure. The website also contains a showcase of projects developed using these technologies.
We truly hope you enjoy exploring our new website, and please feel free to send us comments or feedback you may have.
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B2B Software Services
The term B2B (Business-to-Business) in IT industry refers to the business done between two services/products providers. Specifically in software service sector B2B refers to the business done between two companies – one of which acts as a software development service or software service provider who provides appropriate services for developing Corporate Websites, Enterprise software such as ERP, specialized portals, Informational websites, complex database solutions, software products, online marketing services or any other software services for the customers of the other company.

With course of time B2B model has grown within software services segment from simple linear resource selling model to complex and non-linear consulting and business support models, providing increased business efficiency, access to specialized talent and reduction in cost with increase in profitability.

Major benefits of utilizing B2B services are:
•  Increase in Technical capabilities
•  Cost of Services
•  Proper Risk Management
•  Improvement in operational efficiency
•  Value Added Services

Some of the major challenges in B2B space are:
•  Risk to Brand and consequent relationship
•  Conformance to organizational standards and procedures
•  Knowledge Management, Service Integration and Long term relationship
•  Intellectual Property and Privacy
•  Proper communication modes
•  Language Barriers and Cultural Differences
•  Financial lookouts and differences in laws and legal frameworks
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