Issue #11, August 2015

Verve Systems redesigns its blog with good visuals, straight content and simple navigation to cater information on latest IT trends and market movements..
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Project Highlighted

Wearable Device App

"Wearable device app for iOS and Android users to generate reports for various activities including walking, running, cycling, food, weight, sleep and many others."

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Open Source Tools
Running a business without technology is a tough game. To align your business in right direction, open source tools are designed to perform specific tasks using innovative codes from the developer community.
These source codes generates wonderful results for effective business promotion. Any business whether it is small or big cannot run well without a technology. Verve Systems offers tailored web development solutions using open source tools. Our capability with it includes implementation of content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, CodeIgniter and Laravel for interactive web development.
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Food Industry with IoT
‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ - a technology marvel of online advances have been contributing to food industry keeping your kitchen safer.
One of the major affecting factor is the difference of temperature experienced while transporting the food. With IoT sensor devices, if the retail companies keep a check over the temperature there are negligible chances of food getting toxic. Food producers, transportation and Retail companies can now collaborate and improve the quality of food delivered to end users. How is your food imperiled? Why your food gets contaminated in transit and storage? How IoT chips in?
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Google's Brillo
Your phones are already smart and now its time to smartify your home. With the launch of Google's Brillo an operating system for IoT will connect the array of home appliances and devices to communicate with you. A time is not far when everybody would be rushing to online and offline stores to start experimenting with IoT devices for garage doors, alarm systems, lights to get on/off and more smart products.
It is easy to dream about anything but making it true needs lots of intelligence. Will Google be able to prove its intelligence through Brillo especially for home automation? How Brillo would revolutionize home automation
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Ecommerce in the Era of Mobility
Net mobility ushered in by increased affordability and penetration of smartphones. It has taken e-commerce to the next level and added new dimension for its exponential growth.
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Glimpse of hidden features of iOS 9
Apple unveiled the features of iOS 9 on 9th June 2015 at the WWDC keynote for their fans as well as developers. By now, we all know what are the big features Apple has come up with iOS 9.
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