Technology Spotlight - ASP.NET MVC Development
dotnet_mvc ASP.NET MVC is a web application development framework that implements the well known Model-View-Controller pattern. "Model" represents the application core, "View" displays the data and "Controller" handles the input. MVC has full control over HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. MVC is a lighter alternative to traditional ASP.NET (Web Forms). It is a robust and proven framework and encompasses all existing ASP.NET features.
MVC defines a web application with three Logic Layers:
•  Model contains all application logic like business logic, validation and data access logic. In this, objects retrieve and store data from a database.
•  View stores all the HTML, ASP, ASPX, CSHTML, and VBHTML file related to the display depending on the language content. This is created from the model data.
•  Controller handles the user input and responses. It is responsible for handling input, saving data, and sending a response back to the client. Typically Controllers read data from a view, control user input, and send input data to the model.
We at Verve Systems emphasize on usage of ASP.NET MVC to cater to the web development requirements. Starting with smaller websites to larger enterprise applications; we lay the foundation with ASP.NET MVC following industry standards and best practices. Our recent Online Cricket Scoring solution (www.reedyscore.com) is built using ASP.NET MVC as the base making the platform robust, performance-centric, efficiently usable and easy to maintain.
We also adopt the fundamentals of clean separation, routing algorithm, partial views to maintain MVC standards in our application. Moreover, to enhance the overall user experience we make use of JavaScript Libraries like out-of-the-box jQuery UI, Kendo UI, KnockoutJS, Modernizer, etc.
Industry Highlight: Healthcare

Healthcare Industry is expanding at a fast pace all over the world and so is the technology innovation in Healthcare Industry. There has been tremendous growth in the demand of systems automating the processes and practices in Healthcare. Various web and mobile solutions are transforming the industry by smart innovations and technological advances.

Verve Systems has successfully identified the growing needs of Healthcare Industry and has developed expertise in providing end to end healthcare technology solutions. Verve has provided healthcare software development services to industry veterans, physicians, Government agencies and healthcare product companies.
Our healthcare software development experience includes:
•  SaaS based EHR Application with PACS Supported records management, etc.
•  Website Builder tools for incorporating web presence for Healthcare professionals.
•  Migration of existing Healthcare Apps from ICD 9 to ICD 10 and HL7 Implementation and HIPAA Compliance Implementation.
•  Physiatrist HMS for closed group of doctors with DSM5
•  Medical Journals Application with Intelligent BOT
•  Online Pharmacy Application with Pill Reminder Mobile application
•  Complete Hospital Management Solution
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Employee Corner
Mobile Shopping
Imagine you are traveling in public-transport and you see an advertisement of wristwatch glued on a wall, you immediately take out your smartphone, scan the QR printed on that ad and buy it!!

Mobile Shopping trend seems to be very futuristic, but this has become a fact for many countries. Era of mobile shopping has already passed its first phase.

As per Gartner Research, market growth for mobile transactions is to be 42% between 2011 and 2016, whereas market worth will be $617 billion by 2016.

Anjum Shrimali
Sr. Software Engineer

Research from marketing and communications firm Havas Worldwide discovered that out of 10219 adults only 26% from US, 64% from China and 54% from India do mobile shopping, whereas others hesitate to do it because of security threats. Considering Security threats, digital money is getting converted to new forms like digital wallet. Companies providing credit services like Master Card, Visa have already started concentrating on mobile market. “MasterPass” by Master Card is one of them.

Some Stats and Facts:
•  41% of people have used a mobile device to browse for a product after seeing it in a show or advertisement. (Source: eDigitalResearch)
•  Mobile accounted for 16.3% percent of all online Black Friday sales in 2012. (Source: IBM)
•  53% of shoppers compare in-store prices to online prices while shopping. (Source: Google)
•  36% of shoppers search for other store locations on their phones while shopping in store. (Source: Google)
•  61% of US consumers believe that smartphone payments will eventually replace credit card payments for most purchases at stores. (Source: Harris Interactive (pdf))
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Product Launch: Konnect
Konnect is Web, iPhone and Android based closed group social networking application for employees and other stakeholders like clients within an Organization. Konnect provides secured access on web and mobile.
Konnect allows all stakeholders of a project (PM, Client, QA, Developers, Business Owners) to interact on-the-go and seamlessly on web or mobile. It allows users to tag different people and like their comments. In this users will receive Notification List on the app and through emails for any likes, comments and tagging etc.
Employees can share news, updates through text, images, and links to videos with their colleagues. The mobile users can also check-in their latest locations.
Clients those who have a project(s) being executed with the organization, the application allows to interact with their respective project teams by initiating conversation and/ or commenting to posts done by teams. These posts could be queries, status reporting, etc. Project Stakeholders will have Message Board for Projects.
Project Launch: BodyMorph
BodyMorph is an application made in iPhone and Android. This is an application where users can click self or friend’s Photo to morph it further.
BodyMorph is an application that allows users to transform their selected Body Parts into Skinny, Tanned, Spotty or Hairy. Users can select the Photograph from the Phone gallery or Capture it and transform it into different options available in the application and see the effect of transformation.
With the help of this application users can share the created ‘BodyMorph’ picture with their family, friends, and colleagues etc., through Facebook, Twitter or E-mail.
Product Launch: meetIn
meetIn is a simple application to find previously added contacts and friends while traveling without GPS location tracker.
Through meetIn Users can get the key information from their Social Networks: WHO you can meet while traveling; WHERE you can meet your friends; WHEN you can meet your friends.
meetIn is an application through which users can connect and import all their contacts from other services. This application allows users to stay connected with their friends, family, colleagues while they are travelling.
meetIn connects with different Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, etc., getting specific information of users' connections in one place. Users can invite their friends and organize their travelling plan through meetIn.
meetIn is not a GPS based tracking application which means that if the users do not want to share their exact location then they can still use meetIn to give only their location information.
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Popular JavaScript Frameworks
Trend of developing interactive web interfaces is growing at an impressive rate. Today the web applications need to be fast, responsive, dynamic and smooth for which the front end of the website has to be simple yet maintainable. To achieve this, there is a need to develop tools which support client side development. This has led to the development of various JavaScript Frameworks. Lightweight JavaScript frameworks have helped a lot in removing Browser and Device dependencies.
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