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The concept of connecting people through mobile devices has revolutionized the way of communications across the globe. With this, it inspired the discovery of social networks through which people got instant access to the knowledge. What comes next after this? Connecting things! It can be anyTHING – home, cars, cities having ability to capture every single data and react in a way to solve our problems making lives easy. This mechanism is recognised by a very well known term – Internet of Things (IoT) changing the business landscape. Before getting overly enthusiastic about the IoT space, let’s have a closer look at its opportunities.

IoT brings incredible scale of opportunity. Organizations need to take an integrated and holistic view of IoT which will help them to examine the emerging opportunities that enhances revenue and improves asset management.

Verve’s IoT Solutions:

  • Home_automationHome Automation
  • smart_manufacturingSmart Manufacturing
  • food_safetyFood Safety
  • smart_communitySmart Community
  • connected_carsConnected Cars
  • smart_healthcare_systemsSmart Healthcare Systems
  • personal_carePersonal Care
  • smart_retailSmart Retail

How IoT has transformed various businesses since its inception:

  • Automotive: Reduced pollution, increased safety and additional revenue streams
  • Healthcare: Resource usage and outcomes that result in efficiency gains and cost savings
  • Infrastructure: Environmental benefits with better utilization of resources and preventive maintenance of critical systems.
  • Retail: Ability to predict consumer behavior and trends, using data from video surveillance cameras, social media, Internet and mobile device usage.
  • Manufacturing: Enhanced agility and flexibility, reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Verve’s IoT offerings:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Cloud Services
  • Mobile Services
  • IoT compatible platforms
  • Machine to Machine

IoT saves revenue:

  • $30 billion Jet fuel
  • $27 billion System inefficiencies
  • $66 billion Gas generation efficiency
  • $90 billion Capital expenditures
  • $63 billion System inefficiencies

So if you were waiting for the perfect time to seize IoT opportunity, the time is now. Talk with our IoT expert today.

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