Microsoft CRM

Microsoft has taken a big jump again by developing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamic CRM 2013 is the newest version use in this division. Microsoft has a proper approach towards maintaining the conclusive business records, which are really binding demand for making a perfect picture of the client, from the start till depart and even the post sales.

Microsoft certified partner

In the past few years, the Microsoft CRM developers team has accomplished new competence of exceptional services and helped a community in developing new depth of customer services. Our report guides you to lessen operational costs and organize a bespoke and flexible Microsoft CRM solution, which forward various business requirement and form trustworthy and reachable platforms that will be benefiting business needs and concurrently continuing to grow.

Microsoft CRM Development

Lets Make your Company be a Customer Centric Organisation

Microsoft CRM is specialized in developing quick, flexible and very economical solutions. All these are well applicable to sales, marketing as well as customer service segments. This ensures a tighten bonding with the customers and helps them to achieve new levels of output. With a customer relationship management (CRM) solution, our focus is emphasized on providing better services to aid our customers in simplifying and streamlining their business operations without hampering their profit level. The process contains a widespread requirement, gathering of documents and project supervision skills for quick shifts of CRM execution of the projects in the field of manufacturing, finance, HR, healthcare, IT and ITES and even the legal industries.

At Verve we provide bespoke Microsoft CRM solutions to our clients as per their needs and requirements. The modifications are keeping the important aspects of business of our clients. The solutions are the same, only modified as per the customer’s need.

We offer an extensive and exclusive range of maintenance with training assistance for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, so our customers can get uninterrupted access to online assistance, product information, and other helpful data. We provide various options, which include road map, online training, and resources to make best use of the value of the CRM solution. Through our maintenance package, we deliver wide-ranging and readily available support of resources to our consumers.


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