Add and find your business contacts, associates, and friends from your network. Update your location status by using meetIn Travel Plan tracker. Also add your interests and specialty and based on this you can search your contacts with ease.



Communication app



PHP, iOS, Android (Native)






17 Months



Agile Methodology


Pricing Model

Dedicated Team Model

Requirement Gathering

October 2016

Our expert team has gathered requirements from the client, performed excellent market research, analysis the requirement in depth and delivered the premium quality products.


November 2016 - January 2017

Once our ninja team has completed the requirement gathering & analysis phase and we had a clear vision of "meetIn", we have developed technical analysis documents and proposals.


The workflow describes flow diagrams of various user types with use cases.

High Level Specification

You can get all the information about project planning, analysis, and execution.

Feature List

A feature list covers lists of features/modules that together make a product.

Proposal Document

The proposal document defines the overall objective of the system, features, and scope of various sections of the application, methodology of the execution of the project.



January 2017

The contract we both parties, client, and verve signs and agrees to the overall project scope and methodology of the execution.


Kick Off

February 2017

The goal of the kickoff meeting document is to formally notify all team members and clients that the project has begun and made sure everyone has a common understanding of the project and their roles.


Project Planning

February 2017

The project planning document shows our planning and strategies to finish this project successfully.

UI/UX Phase

March 2017 to June 2017

meetIn is totally new concept in the market. Our expert team has brainstormed, analyzed documents, developed use cases and given life to this concept.

Creative Brief

Connect your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail and many more and connect people at "meetIn". Find your friends and share your location information without GPS location tracker. Even, you can invite your friends and meet them in person. Keep in touch with your friends using "meetIn".

Mobile Application

The app is free for everybody on both android and iOS platforms. Connect your friends, family, colleagues, virtual friends at one place. You can connect your social media friends from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp here and communicate with them easily. Moreover, you can enter a particular location and check the people around it. AR feature will be intuitive direction finder for the meeting spot.


Take a look at few snaps of "meetIn". meetIn website is basically a platform marketing site. You can get all the information about the product, how it will be useful and features of the app from here.

Development Phase

June 2017 to December 2017

This the stage begins with determining client business needs and implement it with technology. Within the time duration of the project, we prepare several documents where companies agreeing on the scope and process.

Minutes of Meeting

Our MoM narrates point-form summary of the key discussion points that occurred during a meeting or call and any conclusions stated, or decisions made.

Project Status Report

Our Project Status Report provides a detailed report of the current project status to our client.

Quality Documents

Our QA documents will define various test cases of "meetIn" project.

Delivery Note

The delivery notes covers software release notes of the project which is signed by the client.


January 2018

The main focus of UAT documents are to verify that the developed project meets client requirements and expectations of users. This test-scenario to improve user experience and make them feel comfortable about the product.

Bug Report

The bug report document streamlines the process. The developer can track and fix the code which is creating the error. 


The feedback document will have the client's feedback and our comments on that.

Post Development

February 2018

This is our post development steps once the project is successfully completed and live.

User Manual

User manual includes overall project summary with essential information, project functions and capabilities with screenshots.

Closure Report

Closure report is the final document produced for the project which contains that we have successfully completed the project, fixed all the issues and formally closing the project.


After successfully completing "meetIn" we have worked on Annual Maintenance of the project.


February 2018

Project launching has been the final and execution stage of the project. It was a great experience to be at the project launching meeting. We deployed the project to the web and mobile app platforms.

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