Packaging Design

An effective compendium leads with ensuring the product or brand emerges from a simple and motivating idea that is well distinguished from competition and expressive to consumers not a deviation on an idea of what’s previously available universally.

Cognitio Design

We are avid about communicating your brand strategies and personality with a fresh, conspicuous and stylish package. It is vital for us to collaborate closely with you, working to understand your activity and groups, brand approaches and your business objectives. We are constantly proving our commitment to add substantive value to our customers branding, marketing, advertising, packaging proposals and promotional through our topnotch creative design services.

Packaging Design Services

Put Design andStyle Together

Our Brand & Packaging Design Services

We have the talents to execute high-volume SKU (Stock keeping units) projects, through experienced professionals and sensible mix of instinctive creativity, traditional metrics. Our expertise lies in brand packaging design finalization, design rectification, prototyping, pre-press, lithography, artwork development, post-production support, creative design, artwork Creation, Print Media, Digital/images processing as well as graphic design for product packaging across various industries, including FMCG & Retail Market.

Packaging Design

Box, Cartons, Foils-Labels, Stickers, Pouch, Displays, Danglers, Hanging, Liquid Cans & Containers (Tetra Pack)

Branding Collaterals

Product Catalogues, Brochures & Folders, Leaflets, Pamphlets, Flyers, Logo & Corporate Identity, Press Content, Posters, Banners, Danglers, Sun Packs, Outdoor & Indoor Displays

Corporate Collaterals

Product Manuals, Reports (Annual, Financial, Survey), Advertisements, Newsletters, Booklets, E-Zines, Souvenirs, Magazines.

Digital Processing (Images Processing)

Vectorisation, Color Enhancements, Editing, Re-Touching, Shadow, Background removing, Restoration, Masking & Clipping

Branding & Packaging Design

Our intuitive highly creative designs, intrinsic to the global Branding Approach, lead to design initiators, aimed at enhancing identity, brand awareness, USP and utility of the products. We ensure quicker and continuity brand evoke by establishing aesthetic and cognitive alignment of the brand with consumer awareness. We make the brand’s packaging distinctively distinguishable, constructing significant visual competitive differentiators.

Latest Industry Trend

Splitting the creative aspect of packaging design from the execution is the order of the day. Creative agencies continue to generate path-breaking concepts outfits specializing in execution and production implement those. Resultant quality of output, reduced re-work and lead-time, lower production costs and quicker reach-market timings, lead to building of superior brands!

Cognitio’s Workflow/Process

Analysis of requirements, Research & Establishing of the “Brief”, Concept Generation & Prototyping, Artwork Creation, Feedback/Changes, Replication or Line Extension of Design/Packaging, Digital Production, Pre-press and Final delivery of Task.

We have in house State-of-art infrastructure, latest tools and technologies with essential software & creative team of design professionals. We are constantly innovating at Cognitio – in relationships of creative design, application, processes, tools and technology. Consistent yet constantly improving excellence standards is what we continuously aim at. Recognized quality checks at every phase with an objective feedback process, a creative yet process-oriented production unit and strong management commitment towards quality drive our design initiatives


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