The Tool

  • Appointments
  • Properties
  • Request Quotes
  • Incidents
  • Records


This is a SaaS based solution. The aim of the development of “The Tool” is to connect tenants, property managers, facility managers and craftsmen together via smartphone app and web application. This makes real estate management more efficient, faster and more convenient and cheaper for everyone. Tenants can record damage or malfunctions with just a few clicks using the smartphone app and report them to administration. This can then coordinate all measures perfectly, schedule them according to priority and document them. Property owner can add vendor / service provider and assign ticket for the maintenance service. Vendor can view the assign ticket, resolve it and close the ticket.


  • Report malfunctions or damage
  • Subscription plan
  • Make appointments
  • View properties
  • Add vendor/service provider
  • Request quotes
  • Place orders
  • Detailed overview
  • Feedback and ratings
  • Multilingual

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