Social Housing Application

  • Property Management
  • Calendar
  • Assets Management


This website is a robust solution based on .Net technology platform. The portal has different role-based user access known as Tenants, Landlord and Real-estate Company (Broker). This entire system is developed as a Repairs and Maintenance module looks after all aspects of repairing tenant’s property or areas associated with it.


  • Feature rich modern user interface that is intuitive to use
  • User’s profile and contacts
  • Contacts and Assets
  • Work orders and Inspection details
  • Repair requests and history
  • Repair Tasks
  • Appointments
  • Contractors details
  • Inspection details
  • Contact information database
  • Tasks variations, alerts, and quotes
  • Plan Calendars
  • System Security
  • Audit Trail
  • License information and validation

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