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  • Promo codes


Park-Local is a SaaS based solution. Park-Local makes parking management easier, more efficient, more convenient - and cheaper. The aim of the development of "Park-Local" is to share park free parking spaces based on the sharing principles. Users can easily reserve the required parking space via the application. The major benefit of the app is this app minimizes the administrative and human resources required for parking management. Admin can manage everything such as clients, packages, promo codes, invoices, and overall platform.


  • Dashboard
  • Add, Edit, Delete, Import Location
  • Manage parking space
  • Book parking space
  • Recurring booking
  • Add sub admin
  • Import User
  • Allocate Parking
  • Subscription
  • Promo Codes
  • Add Tooltip
  • Messages
  • Switch Profile
  • Reports

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