Online University Application

  • Content Management System
  • Training Course
  • e-Learning
  • HealthCare


Online University Application is designed for the Healthcare industry where users can view the different education categories, courses & Classes, Lecturers Profile, Discussion Forums and also upcoming events or webinars. Different Type of Users: Students: Students can register to the application. After Login, they can view the list of courses they registered for, Favourite courses, Certificates, Achievements, and List of Test in which they appeared. They can also ask the questions to the Lecturers by posting them on the website. Lecturers: Lecturers can register to the application. After Login, they can add details to their profile, Contributions, Webinar details, and Auth Process. In this application, the lecturer can also view the discussion forum, where they can view the Questions asked by other members registered on the application. Admin: In this application, Admin can add the course, Level, Chapter, Section, Class, Roles, and Users. In the CMS of this application, admin can generate the Reports such as Active Support Report, Test Report, and Content Visit Reports.


  • Multiple Courses can be added
  • Discussion Forum
  • Event Management
  • Content Management System
  • Classes Management
  • User Management

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