Message Quality Testing App

  • Project Management
  • Testing
  • Data Management


Message Quality tool is used as a platform for testing in different businesses like Health Care, Insurance, etc. This tool would ease the testing efforts and would also, help in retaining the knowledge base within the organization. In this tool, the user can directly use the predefined templates and rules to verify the domain-specific data. In this tool, user can import templates, define their custom templates and rule sets by uploading the flat files. This tool supports only CSV, XLS and XLSX formatted files.


  • Manage Projects: This tool allow user to create project by create define and execute rule sets.
  • Manage Templates: In this tool user is able to import flat file and also, can mark it as template for future use.
  • Manage Users: In this application admin can add multiple users as per the requirement and also, can set their roles.
  • Define Rule Sets: In this application user can define the rule sets for the templates. The rule sets will be composed of Rule, Columns, Elements, Validation etc.
  • Execute Rule Sets: Users can execute created rule sets on specific files.
  • Reports: After the execution, this application allows user to generate log reports for each and every rule.

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