Konnect Application

  • Check In
  • Photo Tags
  • Notifications
  • iOS
  • Android


Konnect Application is Web, iPhone and Android based closed group social networking service for employees and other stakeholders like clients within an Organization. For employees, it allows them to share news, updates through text, images, and videos with their colleagues. The mobile users can also check-in their latest locations. Clients who have a project(s) being executed with the organization, the application allows interacting with their respective project teams by initiating conversation and/ or commenting on posts done by teams. These posts could be queries, status reporting, etc. The app allows all stakeholders of a project (PM, Client, QA, Developers, Business Owners) to interact on-the-go and seamlessly on the web or mobile.


  • Secured Access on Web and Mobile
  • Share updates through Text, Images (multiple), and / or Videos
  • View, Like and/ or Comment on Posts
  • Tagging Users
  • Like Comments
  • Update your location using Check-in
  • Message board for Project Stakeholders
  • Notification List on the app and through emails for any likes, comments, tagging etc.

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