KitaAdmin Platform

  • Care plan Management
  • Operator Management
  • Payout
  • Reporting


KitaAdmin platform is built using PHP technology. The idea of KitaAdmin is to provide a platform for political municipalities to manage/administer their financial support for parents towards day nurseries and day care centers. Communities have to hand in a yearly report to the Canton for analysis and this tool should assist with data tracking and management. This web based tool should mainly provide easy data-collection, data-management and export in different formats, especially printable documents. The target market of this platform is between manual administration (e.g. Excel) for very small communities and full-fledged ERP-systems of big communities.


  • Calculation
  • Calculation
  • Version Management
  • Users and Permission Management
  • Forms
  • Community Management
  • Budget Management
  • Family Management
  • Request/BV
  • Documents
  • Templates

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