iCoder Application

  • EHR system
  • Health Report Management
  • Billing Management


iCoder MD is a web-based application that is designed to replace the paper procedure and diagnosis slips that doctor use to record charges while making rounds at the hospital, nursing home or any other outside location away from their primary office's electronic health record and Electronic practice management applications. iCoder MD allows a doctor to use their iPhone to quickly submit charges to an administrative, back-end website that his/her billing staff will access to securely receive billing information while away from the primary office.


  • This application works with iPhones and web browsers.
  • Access to a comprehensive database of procedure and diagnosis codes. Create a custom diagnosis code list.
  • Electronic transmission ensures the data gets where it needs to be.
  • Quick searches on iCoder MD.
  • Access to Charges in the Admin Website.
  • Export Patient Billing Information into Your EHR/EPM Application.
  • Add Delegate Users in the Admin Website.
  • Synchronize appointments from your EHR system to iCoder MD.

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