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House Monkey is a subscription-based home management solution designed to bring your ENTIRE tribe (family & friends living in your home) together to organize, schedule and complete everyday chores (like making a bed) AND home maintenance tasks (like changing air filters). It includes a mobile app and a web-based management tool so that Tribe Leader can efficiently manage their house. It's developed using Asp .NET (C#), MSSQL 2008 for Web, iOS and Android platforms for one of our client from USA. The app can be used by both Tribe Leader and Tribe Member.  However, there will be limited permissions for Tribe Member. App has additional feature Chat, wherein Members can do one to one conversation with each other. Tribe Leader registers and takes a subscription for their house from Web.  Web in enabled for Tribe Leader's only.


  • Manage Tribe Location
  • Manage Tribe Appliances
  • Tasks / Chores / Event and Activity Management
  • Manage Tribe Members
  • Documents
  • Calendar
  • Reward Management
  • Images / Vide Management
  • Reports
  • User Feedback
  • Referral Program

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