Go Cam

  • Push Notification
  • Video Streaming
  • Email Alerts


Go-Cam is the one-touch video reporting app available in iOS and Android. Go-Cam is an app to deliver instant and clear video reports from the field at the touch of a button. Users simply touch the Go-Cam icon on their mobile device and everything happens automatically. A video is streamed live from the device and e-mail and text alerts are sent to nominated recipients - colleagues and office departments - showing sender details, a location map and giving a link to a video, which can be seen live or recorded. The video is uploaded to a secure remote server where it can be accessed by the sender and the alert recipients at any time. Go Cam is an efficient and compliant app and just not for internal use for industries such as security, vehicle hire & leasing, petrochemical, building, logistics and journalism, It is also for insurance companies to issue to its customers to report claims.


  • One-touch activation & operation
  • Automated SMS text and e-mail alerts to nominated recipients
  • Live video stream
  • Secure video recording on the remote server for later access
  • Clear Report Page showing video, sender, time and location details
  • WiFi & phone network connectivity options
  • All-clear button
  • Phone override button
  • In-app texting

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