Garage Sale Application

  • Location Services
  • Keyword Search
  • iOS


Garage sale wizard allows users to easily and efficiently route their garage sales on a map. It provides limitless access to any type of sale including: garage sales, estate sales, multi-family sales, moving sales, auctions, and any others. Unlike other apps that are limited to only predefined garage sales, here the wizard allows users to access any classifieds, Facebook buy - sell trade groups or any other type of listing.


  • App uses geo-location
  • App allows users to copy and paste listings from a local website
  • Data consists of newspaper ads, craigslist, etc.
  • Data needs to be placed onto Google maps for the addresses listed in the listing
  • When users select a listing on the map a box popup with the full listing
  • User needs to be able to highlight a selected sale and after selecting all the sales they want to be able to remove non-selected sales
  • A keyword search can get rid of any non-matching “pins” on the Google map
  • A sort function can get rid of any non-matching “pins” on the Google map
  • Sort function will sort by: Date, Start Time, Distance from the user, Type of sale
  • User needs to be able to access the original text entered and select sales to show on Google map from the text
  • Google map “pins” need to be color-coded by start time
  • Color code Drop box can be in the top right corner of the Google map
  • Google map “pins” need to be a different type by sale type (e.g. estate is different than a garage sale and multifamily is different as well)

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