Food Truck Website

  • Rental Space Management
  • Food Truck Management
  • Booking
  • PayPal Integration


PYT-STOP makes rental space tracking and management easier, more efficient, and more convenient. With PYT-STOP solution, finding, tracking, and managing spaces become easy. Businesses can register their food truck with necessary details and book the place for food truck. Also, they can actively track and find their favorite places. PYT-STOP allows users to search for places for food truck on the map. The administrator can manage rental spaces, Electricity, Kitchen and users of the system via the web application. Users can also apply as a host. A host can add, edit, delete, or change the status of rental spaces and events to show it on the front end.


  • Track Rental Spaces
  • Manage Rental Space
  • Manage Food Truck
  • Manage Hosts
  • Manage Electricity
  • Manage Kitchen
  • Booking
  • PayPal Integration
  • Payment History
  • Events
  • Multi-lingual
  • Social Media Integration

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