Flash Purchase

  • Group Management
  • Report Management
  • CakePHP


Flash Purchase is the Unique Reverse Auction Application for People. In this application, any user can buy or sell their Products. Through Flash Purchase Website buyers can create their own deals, join other user's deals and share them with anyone they wished to help build consumers with like-minded interest to band together to get great deals based on the volume associated with group purchasing. On Flash Purchase website Sellers can bid on created deals or create deals of their own that can have prices vary depending upon the number of buyers in a deal. In Flash Purchase both buyers and sellers benefit economically in a transparent environment.


  • Buyers and seller Grouping
  • Integration with various Shop engines like Google shopping and Bizrate.
  • User can give Reviews and Ratings
  • Chained PayPal Payment gateway Multiple Buying and Payments in a single transaction.
  • Pre-authorization and on event transactions.
  • Extensive Reporting and Interactive Dashboard
  • Affiliate Management
  • Social sharing and integration with more than 90+ Social Networks

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