Dental App (Clinic Management System)

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4eDental Application is an EMR System supported by Software as a Service (SaaS). This application provides consistency, accessibility, and security by deploying this solution based on a cloud. This application includes: 1. Appointments (with access to patients to request for an appointment) 2. Procedure configuration 3. EMR Management with access to patients for their respective records 4. Staff Management 5. Staff login with access rights management 6. Role-based access 7. Modules for Front Desk, Collections, Clinical Records, Seamlessly integrated Patient Records, Dental Charts and Perio Charts. 8. Management of complete financials include the source of funds and comprehensive reporting This was developed in MS .NET platform and helped the client to expand their setup by focusing more on core activities.


  • X-Ray Integration: User can upload the X-rays related to the Treatment. User can also give the Tooth/Teeth Number, Notes related to the X-Ray and Name of the File.
  • Educational Documents Integration: At the time of treatment dentists can record all the procedures of treatment done on a tooth and explain with the help of documents, and those documents can be downloaded.
  • Appointments: Patients can request for the Appointments which are further confirmed by the front desk person of the clinic. These appointments will be displayed in the calendar and a dashboard of different users of this application. Front Desk person can book the appointments for the Patients who have requested for an appointment.
  • Patient Charts: In this application, there are two types of Charts:
  •   a) Dental Chart: In this chart, teeth are shown with numbers and with procedure codes. Each Procedure code will be having different design patterns and those procedures will have design patterns that will be highlighted in the dental chart. In the dental chart doctors can create a Clinical Notes, Treatment Plan also, they can view the X-rays, and other documents related to the Patient treatment.
  •   b) Perio Chart: It is used for special treatments like oral surgery, root canal, etc. A doctor can compare and Copy Perio chart with earlier charts.
  • Financial: This module stores all the financial information related to the treatments. This module tracks the source of Payment transactions for a procedure.
  • Reports: In this module, users can generate different types of reports as a new patient, Account receivable, Follow up Log, Broken Appointment, and Financial Reports.
  • Registration: In this module, users can register new patients.
  • Dashboard: In this module, the user can view important information at one place itself. In this application, each user has their own dashboard.

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