Computer Aided Facility Management

  • Multi-User
  • User-Friendly
  • Google Map
  • Report Management


This project is a unique business application that can be extended to a great one. It is a web-based application. The application is developed using the Microsoft .Net framework and jQuery. The core purpose of this web application is to enable different users who are mainly managers at different municipal to be able to add, view and utilize the facilities (properties) data with ease for improving their performance and efficiency for day-to-day operations. This user friendly application enables the users to view different properties with its detailed data in an easy to navigate manner. Users are able to see its relevant information based on property selection grouped in different tabs. The application also allows the user to see the property on Google Maps on the same web page with just one-click. The user is also facilitated to browse through the collection of pictures of the property through easy navigation. It also shows the associated BIM (Building Information Modelling) images of the property. Apart from these crucial and most frequently needed data, the application has the option to view various information separated as documents, notes, and URLs.


  • Supports multi-type users login functionality
  • Rich & User-friendly User Interface
  • Organizing a huge database having a number of properties listed in a tree hierarchy
  • Display properties on Google Maps (Using Google Map API)
  • Ability to fetch address information based on postcode through third party API Integration
  • Retrieves up-to-date credit information of a company from a national credit ranking system
  • Display images related to property, building, floor, room, and other relevant sections.
  • Tools for the administrator with operational efficiency
  • Ease of Use & clutter-free navigation
  • Seamless integration with an external database
  • Ability to manage different type of contacts in a single Contact Management System
  • Maintains a large database of documents through the Document Management System
  • Photo Management Facility along with BIM Images Management
  • Dashboard with the availability of common tools and critical section availability
  • One to One chat functionality right from the application
  • Flexible, Scalable & Easy to maintain
  • Import and Export functionality for a large amount of data related to registers and properties
  • Report center that can produce dynamic calling forms and reports with .rpt files

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