Coast Healthcare Application

  • Healthcare
  • E-Governance
  • Maximizer CRM
  • DevExpress


COAST Healthcare project is developed using ASP .NET 4.0, Maximizer CRM and SQL server 2012 to manage all clinic and physicians data for one of the province in Canada. Clinic and Physicians data includes assessment data, action step data, POP data, etc. and generate the various statistics based on these data. The final report is EMR report which can be generated based on data inputted for each physicians and send to them via mail attachment.


  • Portfolio Dashboard
  • Action Dashboard
  • Physician Dashboard
  • Menu Page
  • EMR PIS Assessment
  • Review Results
  • Review Actions
  • Create Action Steps
  • Optimization Plan
  • Team Workload Report
  • Action Item Report
  • POP Report
  • EMR Report

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