• Relationship Management
  • Social Networking


CandiPaper is an Online Dating Website using Facebook APIs to connect with Facebook Friends and send a personalized message (Candidate Paper) to selected contacts (opposite gender) and set a date with them.


  • Connect/Login with Facebook Account
  • Fetching the profile info (such as profile picture, country, gender, age, School, University, etc.) from user’s Facebook profile by using Facebook APIs
  • Connect with Friends (Picking Addressees and Fakes) and send personalized messages
  • Sending Personalized Message by buying credits and upgrading to Pro Account
  • Functionalities such as Heart, Exp and Energy to measure user’s activities based on a request sent and accepted
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Multilingual Support
  • Full-fledged Content Management System for Admin with Pro-Upgrade Package and Coin Package Management

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