BodyMorph Application

  • Image Morphing
  • Photo Sharing
  • iOS & Android


BodyMorph is a fun application for iPhone and Android users. This is the application where user can click self or Friend’s Photo to morph it further. In this application, user can get a photo transformation option to select from where they can choose the available options for selected body parts and transform that to see the effect. This application also allows the user to share the created ‘BodyMorph’ with their family and friends through Facebook, Twitter or E-mail. The morphing options are: 1) Skinny, Fatter 2) Tanned 3) Spotty 4) Hairy


  • Stretch images without making it blur through which a person fatter.
  • Detect skin from the captured image and allow users to morph it a Tan.
  • Detect different body parts in the image and allow users to morph it as Spotty or Hairy.
  • Social Media Integration to share the morphed images on Facebook or Twitter.

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