Act to MS CRM Migration

  • Microsoft CRM
  • Reports Management
  • Activity Management


MS CRM Migration is the project where the data will be imported from ACT to MS CRM tool. In this application, each user will have different data files from where they can import the data. After the data has migrated in MS CRM then users will get an option to customized company and contact form to include more attributes and repositioning of attributes as per business Need. In MS CRM users can also change the background color of Forms. In this user can upload multiple photos for their contact. In MS CRM user can also, view funnel Reports for Sales fuller by sales, by stage and by estimated revenue.


  • Different Data files for each user to import data from one CRM to another.
  • Integrated profile picture with Silverlight control for contacts.
  • Customized view to show all data in the associated activity grid.
  • Different Reports in Funnel format.

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