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Reedy Score Web Based Application

  • Live Score Update
  • Statistics
  • Cricket


Reedy Score is the first cricket score and statistics compilation application which is based on the combination of mobile technologies, rich web technologies and social Networks. This application reduce the work around of users by creating and managing various aspect of a cricket tournaments especially scoring, statistics calculation, providing ball by ball score updates to followers.
In this application users can create tournaments, create groups, & create teams, schedule cricket matches and Score for them. This application also allows user to share their created tournaments, teams, scores and statistics with their followers.


  • Live cricket score entry for any type of cricket game
  • Follower can view live score using any device either iPhone or Android
  • User can have the option to choose RUN ZONE and OUT ZONE through wagon wheel with commentary
  • Support all cricket types and allow users for their personal tournament
  • Perform all run case and out case with validation
  • User can enter match details like: Match Type, Ground, Umpires, Match Schedule and Match Status
  • Role based access. After the Sign up user can set up a player profile which will be visible to all other users.
  • Create Groups, Teams and Tournaments.
  • Search Team, Tournaments, Players and matches.
  • Dashboard where user can view all followed match.
  • Social Media Integration

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