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Healthcare App

  • Patient Management
  • Reports Management
  • Software as a Service


This application serves as a one point system to the users (based on Brazil) that manage Healthcare related workflow through the centralized online system. The system is a SaaS based B2B-B2C application that has developed in different phases (preferably four phases). A registered user has an option to take the respective histories from the application in PDF formation or Print. The system can save all the data in the database until 20 years as per the rules of Brazil Healthcare standards. During that time if user wishes to reactivate their account then he/she can do and get the historical data back in to their respective accounts. During their absence any medical treatment had done than that needs to be entered manually if they wish to add those records. Users below 18 years cannot be able to do registration.

However, this application is for registered Patients, Doctors, Doctor’s Staff, Pharmacy and Laboratories to maintain health records related to treatment of patients. The platform can have various functionalities to perform key actions pertaining to treatment cycle of a patient.


  • Multi-Tenant Framework
  • Patient Module
  • Registration Module
  • Doctor Module
  • Doctor – Staff Module
  • Pharmacy Module
  • Laboratory Module
  • Physiotherapy Module
  • Record Management System
  • Super Admin Module
  • Payment Gateway (if needed)
  • User Management
  • Billing Management (Application – Paid Users)
  • Billing Management (Treatment Lifecycle Transactions)
  • Shared Calendar Module. Insurance Service Module API/Web services Layer used for secured Data transfer between various third party apps for seamless integration
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