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Election Management System

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  • Enterprise
  • Windows 8
  • Logistic Distribution


The Election Management System is a Desktop & Mobile based application developed for our client to automate all aspects of an election need. This system has capabilities of handling the process from Enrollment of Citizen till generation of Voting Slip. This system has “Multi-user Type” feature which makes it easy-to-use and flexible. It provides a verification process that integrates with databases to provide a detail of Citizen and allow them to vote.

The client is a Political Party in Liberia, who wants to help upgrade the countries election management process by introducing innovative and secured voting procedure. This project was managed through their USA based counterparts.

The USP of this application is Windows 8 touch based application which can work in both online and offline mode for Citizen Enrollment, Verification and Voting process.


  • Nationwide Citizen Enrollment
  • Bio Metric based Finger print and Palm Scan
  • Card Printing
  • Geographic level Multi Tiered Electrol Centers
  • Windows touch based Electric Voting Marchines powered by dry cell
  • Barcode scanners and printers for verification and election reciept
  • Single Voting with three sources of Result data - as a saftey from booth capturing and duplicated voting.
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