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Placement Portal

  • Recruiters
  • Interview Schedule
  • User Friendly


This portal is a web based content management system based on open source technology platform. This portal provides facilities to the recruiters to search, select, short-list and schedule interview based on their individual requirements. This portal allows students access as well.


  • Powerful inbuilt CMS
  • Helpful to Potential Employers
  • Ease to use - powerful tool to search, select, shortlist and schedule interview
  • Time - A fast & reliably placement process 
  • Cost - It costs nothing compared to the collective cost incurred in printing & shipping brochures, CDs and other placement kits
  • Market Access - The market accessibility of this portal is very high as unlimited number of prospective Recruiters/Visitors
  • Empowerment - portal empowers you to work like an interface between your students and your recruiters
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