Enterprise UX Consulting

It’s not just about fancy looks and glamorous packaging. UX goes way beyond that. It incorporates the complete experience that the product offers its users right from when they set eyes upon it, buy it and ultimately experience it while they use it. Their entire journey counts. Building user experiences.

We at VERVE SYSTEMS understand your UX requirements and offer solutions that could greatly improve your customer engagement and experience. We study human behavior while customers interact with your app/solution and design user experiences that benefit your organization. Especially for enterprises, UX consulting removes the drag and makes enterprise applications interactive, engaging and interesting for their users (both employees and customers).

Enterprise UX Consulting

Users do not remember products – they remember their ‘experiences’ while they use it!

Why Enterprise UX Consulting?

People do not remember the product – they will always remember their ‘experiences’ while they use it. That’s why User Experience (UX) consulting is gaining a lot of importance – not only in the consumer products domain, but also for enterprise products. A good UX ensures:

  • Customer (user) engagement and loyalty
  • Improved customer interactions
  • Improved predictability in customer interactions
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Accurate insights during the design process
  • Better productivity and increased employee satisfaction.

The VERVE Advantage

What they ‘see’, they will ‘use’ and what they experience, they will remember! Our UX consultants ensure that your enterprise products offer exceptional experiences to both internal users as well as customers. We understand the end goal of the product and offer consultation on how to maximize the user experience.

  • Expert analysis of what users want and tailoring solutions to best fit your business
  • UX consultants with years of experience in designing enterprise grade products
  • Significant improvement in customer interactions & engagements
  • Research based consulting with solutions that make a difference.

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