DevOps Consulting

Traditionally disparate teams work in silos and DevOps helps build a culture of collaboration between them – especially the development and the operations teams. This fosters increased trust and faster software releases. Critical issues get the attention they deserve and unplanned work can be better managed. Large enterprises need to break down silos and individual entities that manage processes and guard information can work more collaboratively resulting in better results.

VERVE SYSTEMS ensures that our DevOps solutions offer better communication and collaboration to best serve the dynamic needs of an.

DevOps Consulting Solutions

DevOps: A synergy of Development and Operations to build a culture of collaboration

Why DevOps Consulting?

DevOps allows agile teams to implement continuous integration as well as continuous delivery. Products are launched faster to the market with frequent releases giving businesses and edge on time to market.

DevOps offers:

  • Greater predictability and lower failure rate
  • Reproducibility – as everything is versioned and any of the previous versions can be restored.
  • Effortless recovery in the event of a new release crashing
  • Greater quality and reduced time to market and reduced risk
  • software system is more stable, secure, and changes are auditable
  • Adds cost efficiency

The VERVE Advantage

  • Consultants with years of experience working with enterprise solutions
  • Expertise in agile development processes and their integration with operations
  • Greater collaboration within the teams
  • Streamlined software delivery
  • Enhanced business value
  • Rapid development with faster delivery
  • Time and cost efficient

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