Agile Development

In order to capitalize upon the opportunities that rapidly growing businesses present, organizations need to have the ability to adapt and evolve at a rapid pace too. Agile development offers opportunities in assessing the direction of the development and ensures that your product is ready for its ‘first look’ sooner.

VERVE SYSTEMS work with agile methodologies that are centered around the idea of iterative development where the solutions evolve through collaboration between cross functional teams with the ultimate goal of delivering value – sooner. This enables us to deliver greater quality with predictability and the ability to respond to change.

We follow the philosophy of ‘inspect and adapt’ so as to reduce the time and costs throughout the process.

Agile Development Services

Agile Development: Delivers value faster

Why Agile Development?

Dynamic businesses require products delivered with high quality and soon. Agile development promises iterative development that enables faster development while accommodating changes as the development progresses.

Some of the key features of our agile development services are -

  • Continuous improvement with integrated collaboration techniques
  • Scrum framework that enables smooth project management.
  • Agile tools that foster high transparency within the process
  • A unique architecture that is supported by iterative design
  • Early and quick delivery that enables quick returns

The VERVE Advantage

VERVE SYSTEMS helps you identify and adopt the Agile approach for product development which ensures that your business is well equipped to deal with unpredictability. The Agile practices foster top quality, iterative and sprint based approach for developing products.

Working with Verve, you get the following advantages

  • Rapid development with frequent delivery
  • In the face of shifting priorities, you get the flexibility in development process
  • Changes are introduced in the next iteration
  • Enhanced team collaboration
  • Enhanced business value
  • Predictable Delivery schedule

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