Customers expect their retailers to carry service regarding what they want and when they want. To meet customer expectations Verve helps retailers to build a process and to bring their customers nearer.

Why Retail is giving preference to IoT?

  • Connect intelligent devices to your existing goods and create new legacy.
  • Make your digital systems talk with each other by bringing them on common platform.
  • Generated data provides better insights allowing quick smarter decision.
  • Accuracy in inventory management can be reached upto 100 percent.
  • Create real time conversation with customers to provide them best user experience.
  • Be a smart retailer with smarter activity of personal.

Where will you reach the customer?

After implementing IoT in your system, if the reply does not come from customer it becomes a critical scenario. Here, understanding the shopper’s behaviour is quite necessary. If you get this nerve then it would be easy to reach the valued results from IoT.

IoT application in retail industry-

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Automating the Manual Processes of Retail

The verve IoT solution is developed specifically for retailers to automate the processes of the daily operations. With this, it provides a new picture of the customer experience for mobile payments to smart fitting rooms to intelligent mirrors and self-help applications. Along with this, the demand for fast product availability, personalized and contextualized interactions, will drive retailers toward more automation resulting in long-term gains.