How IoT is changing healthcare industry?

With demand for "Internet of things," household devices are on the hype. Though, industry leaders are working on a definition that everyone can get behind. However, many homeowners are incorporating smartphone-controlled features to experiment the technology.

Smart WiFi Thermostat
Smart Speaker
Garage Door Opener
Smart Home Lock
Smoke Detector
Connected Refrigerator
Humidity Monitor
Video Monitor
Water Monitor

Ensure your safety with a smart home technology, which lets you enable the security with a device or app on your phone.

  • iSmartAlarm Home Security System - Get alerts on unauthorised entry
  • Canary - No need of any hardware, software or equipment, just plug it in and connect to internet
  • - Monitor remotely what is going on in your home
  • Piper - While you are away its provides video monitoring and home automation facility
  • Cacnoo - Combines motion detection, HD camera and sound technology to sense any activity throughout your home.
  • iSentry - Camera on your computer is used to record and alert about the movement


Energy Saving and Security Solution

Contributing to the concept of Smart Home, Verve IoT team have developed a solution that makes sure about the security systems and saving the energy of your home while you are away. Whether it is your drawing room, kitchen or bedroom the idea behind this solution is to trigger the electricity as you enter the room and lock the room as you leave.


How wearables and data analytics can boost patient health?

Technological innovation have brought a new concept to build a new world for home automation. Connecting internet and things resulted into a complete transformation to smart home. One of the technology and platform which contributed as a pillar to the concept came from Google.

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