How IoT is changing healthcare industry?

From remodeling the customer experience to connecting medical devices with smartphones, Internet of Things is consistently making a move in healthcare. Also, with the growing dependency on technology, IoT offers easy accessibility to patients, clinicians, physicians and healthcare professionals.

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Acute Care Centers
Community Health Centers
Patient Care Centers

Flexible patient monitoring

With the help of remote monitoring solution, healthcare professionals can facilitate patients to be at home while they monitor their status. A unique identification number assigned to patients will help to track the data encrypted with a secured system during transmission or in storage.

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Patient engagement towards wearable

Healthcare IoT aims to produce more and more wearable devices with secure and cost effective solutions in order to build better engagement between doctors and patients. Medical professionals can continuously send alerts about the medication, health checkups through an app connected with wearable. This enables optimum quality healthcare at reduced costs.

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Our Contribution in Healthcare IoT

  • Smart Hospital Systems
  • Connected Medical Devices
  • Patient Monitoring Systems
  • Assets Management Systems
  • Predictive Device Management
  • Drug Management


Heart Rate Monitoring App

Most accurate app to monitor heart rate for any smartphone without any external hardware. You can optimize your exercise and track your progress under the guidance of fitness coaches and athletes. A real-time chart will show your every heart beat rhythm pace. Your resting heart rate gives you a clear picture about your hearts fitness. The fitter you get the lower your heart rate will be.


How wearables and data analytics can boost patient health?

The arrival of wearables is increasingly becoming significant for any of the pharma requisitions. Everybody can say this is my data and this is my question. The insights, analytics and visualizations helps to boost patient health, improve outcomes, streamline manual processes and facilitate exploration of newer avenues in medical research and epidemiology.

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Leveraging Internet of Things to Revolutionise Healthcare Industry

With the emergence of IoT or Internet of Things, various technical gadgets have acquired precedence with connectivity and integration with each other. With a single connected family of products, even the healthcare industry can benefit tremendously in coming times. Increased health awareness has helped people to follow a healthy lifestyle.

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