IoT Ecosystem

Opportunity for enterprise IoT adopters to explore the benefits and business value from IoT ecosystem.

IoT Platforms

Ideal platforms for secure and interoperable hosting as a pillar for any simple to complex IoT solution.

IoT Machine Learning

Technology to deal with the construction of systems through computer science and artificial intelligence.

IoT Security

Micro-level security management to protect data, devices, IP and servers or networks involved in the IoT.

Data Science & Analytics

Generate deep insights from the massive volumes and high velocity of Internet of Things (IoT) data.

M2M Integration

Integrate the wide-spreaded systems used in buidling IoT to business applications with M2M platforms.


Smart Home

The Internet of Things market has begun to take off with its applications in wide range of industries. Consumers can buy connected versions of nearly every household appliance imaginable. Connect all the devices and appliances in your home so they can talk to each other. Control and monitor it from anywhere, anytime. Our offerings of connect home devices comprise: Smart thermostats, Smart locks, Smart light bulbs, Smart smoke detectors, Smart energy management devices and Smart hubs.

Smart Offices

Smart offices specialize in integrated systems and solutions for all industries. We cater to large and small enterprises, government, healthcare, manufacturing, and the restaurant & hospitality industries. We offer a wide variety of services, that includes: Managed IT, audio & video conferencing, automation & control systems, hardware sales & support, VoIP phone systems and security & surveillance. Make your work life easier by turning your office to a smarter place. Get through innovative and smart office solutions for simpler life.

Smart Cities

Smart cities is more than just being technologically connected. It's about changing the way of connecting city, the way we live within the city, the way we interact with other peple, and the way the city itself, is connected as a whole. The smart city hub governance and administration, environment building, shaping infrastructure, public infrastructure and services and transport and connectivity. We improve the quality of people’s life by harnessing technology to create smart outcomes for citizens. Enrich the lives, refine the cities.

Smart Retail

Retailers don't have to wait for complete implementation to take advantage of IoT today. IoT can be employed to improve retailers' operations: Connect the store shelf and the back room. Improve traceability of inventory before and after the point of sale. Reduce fraud and shrinkage. Deliver just-in-time promotions and coupons and maximize in-store flow management. Increase balance profitability and deliver more value to the customer with smart retail solutions. Sell smart and buy smart now.

Smart Manufacturing

New information technologies have started offering not only to make the management of manufacturing more effective but the work itself smarter. Technologies based on the IoT have the potential to improve visibility in manufacturing. Batch-level visibility is being replaced by unit-level visibility. This is the dawn of smart manufacturing. Realise business benefits at continuous intervals through smart manufacturing solutions. Transform cost centers into profit centers.

Smart Healthcare

Give a new touch to your healthcare organization’s value with access to large amounts of data - generated daily across populations. It helps to develop deeper insight and analyse earlier interventions. Implement new business models for improvised cost management to create more effective collaboration between medical professionals and patients for better outcomes. Connect systems with real time health information with the integration of smart healthcare devices. Prescribe smartly, operate smartly.

Smart Cars

From parking with the press of a button to crash-avoidance systems, driving is becoming safer, and cheaper. Connected cars will transform the way we interact with our vehicles. Give your dumb car some digital smarts and automate your daily efforts. Connect the device with an app and your smart car is ready.



Verve Systems believes in delivering quality solutions in an integrated manner. Our solutions are meant to meet the entire array of your business needs. This helps your business to realize and unlock the potential in its entirety without any caveats.


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